CENTRAL REAR SPLITTER ALFA ROMEO 159 (with vertical bars)

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fits: Alfa Romeo 159 2005-2011


In the wide range of Maxton Design products there are numerous tuning components for cars such as Alfa Romeo 159. The offer is especially broad for vehicles produced in 2005-2011. Maxton Desing, the Polish manufacturer, is a leading-edge supplier of high-flair optical tuning parts. The parts for Alfa Romeo 159 are no exception, and one of such parts is our cutting-edge central rear splitter.

Why is it worth to buy this Alfa Romeo 159 splitter by Maxton Design?

- it’s easy to mount without assistance
- it has 3 different finishes to pick from
- it’s produced from damage-resistant material
- looks visually stunning
- adds to racing character of the car

This modern Alfa Romeo 159 rear splitter is an ideal way to quickly and visibly spice up the look of your car! The use of this splitter ensures that your Alfa Romeo gets a visual edge, as well as, an increase to its aerodynamics. The diffuser exerts pressure on the rear axle of the vehicle, most notably when driving at high velocities. What’s also important, is that the splitter is a highly flexible product.

At Maxton Design we pay a great deal of attention to the quality of the components we manufacture. The Alfa Romeo 159 rear splitter is produced from certified ABS material, known for its simultaneous durability and flexibility, in addition to being damage-resistant. ABS is commonly used in production of vehicle elements when the sturdiness of the pieces is a priority, especially in bumpers. Maxton Design assortment will assuredly be able to please all enthusiasts of high-end tuning design!