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Audi A7 S-Line C7 FL 2014-2017



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Maxton Design is at the forefront of local and world’s market of reversible visual tuning parts. The vast majority of our products are splitters, spoilers, side skirts, and bumpers. If you have been looking for interesting components for your Audi A7 S-Line C7 FL, this central rear splitter would be a great choice. The element significantly improves the appearance of the car by contributing to its racing aesthetic. It fits all Audi A7 S-Line models in the 2014 profile version.

Why is it worth it to consider picking the Audi A7 S-Line C7 FL central rear splitter?
- it has a modernized design
- comes with instructions and a mounting kit included
- comes in a number of surface look
- is delivered ready for installation

The advanced central rear splitter for Audi A7 S-Line C7 FL is a great solution to quickly alter the look of your car. The installation of this splitter will be a great supplementation for tuning performed with side skirts or front and rear side splitters. A vehicle fleshed out like that will draw many looks from the enthusiasts of reversible optical tuning. To bring forth the style of your car you get to choose the surface structure you want from the available options which are: carbon, gloss, or textured.

To manufacture the Audi A7 S-Line C7 FL central rear splitter the cutting-edge ABS plastic was used. The material is utilized in the automotive industry very often and not only in the production of tuning components. The staple car equipment parts are also commonly made with the use of ABS. The ABS used at Maxton Design has been rewarded with the TUV certification. This fact speaks for its premium quality. When you buy from this Polish producer you can always be certain that you will be getting the best products available o the market, ones that are sturdy, damage-resistant and with imaginative designs.