Central Rear Splitter Audi S1 8X Maxton Design

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Audi S1 8X 2014-2018



 If you are considering a purchase of high-quality visual tuning components, that will be both aesthetic and durable, the offer of Maxton Design is certainly for you. Here you will find innovative side skirts, spoilers, splitters, and bumpers – all made of the highest-flair materials provided by renown European suppliers. A significant percentage of Maxton Design assortment consists of components dedicated to Audi. Among such elements there are also those meant for Audi S1 8X. Especially notable is the central rear splitter.

How does the Audi S1 8X central rear splitter stand out?
- it’s made of cutting-edge ABS
it’s available in a number of surface finish options
- comes ready to be installed

This central rear splitter for Audi S1 8X is an ABS-made element. ABS, being widely utilized in the automotive industry, is used not only for tuning, but also standard car equipment components. It’s very durable, damage-resistant, and flexible. Maxton Design is a manufacturer known for high flair tuning elements of stand-out design.

It is a great idea to install this central rear splitter to decorate your vehicle and refresh its looks. It has a modernized shape and its presence will visibly shift the aesthetics of the car. This product will slickly supplement rear side splitters. To make your tuning even more personal you can also choose from 3 surface structure options: gloss, carbon, textured. Each of these looks great as is, so there is no need to paint the central rear splitter additionally.