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fits: Infiniti QX702013-2017



Maxton Design is a producer of high-end components for visual car tuning. In the brand’s line-up you can find a wide range of products that will boost the aerodynamics of your vehicle while also enhancing its appearance. The company’s specialty is the production of inventive side skirts, splitters, bumpers, splitters, diffusers, and spoilers. These are all durable components made for many popular cars including Infiniti QX70 for which we prepared this slick central rear splitter. The item shows a unique design and comes ready for installation.

Why should you purchase the Infiniti QX70 central rear splitter?
- it displays an out-of-the-box design
- it’s certified with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN
- it’s UV-secured
- it’s available in variable surface finishes
- it’s moisture-resistant

This central rear splitter dedicated to Infiniti QX70 is a stylish optical tuning element that will transform the presentation of your machine. It will compose nicely with rear side splitters, and side skirts. These parts will lower the bodywork’s height which results in a sharp racing-like stylization. The splitter can be acquired in gloss, carbon, or textured types of surface structure, and you can also order decorative stripes, red and white, to go along with your product.

The Infiniti QX70 central rear splitter is made with the use of ABS plastic which is a material commonly employed in the automotive industry due to its many practical properties. These include flexibility, durability, as well as, insusceptibility to moisture and extreme temperatures. ABS is utilized in the manufacturing of both, tuning elements, and primary vehicle outfitting components. This central rear splitter by Maxton Design has been rewarded with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certification and is covered with a UV-repelling layer.