EGO-X 3.5" catback exhaust for BMW F30 335i / 340i

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EGO-X 3.5" catback exhaust for BMW F30 335i / 340i
Caution: The exhaust systems with ECE are not affected by the "flap ban" and may continue to be used legally in road traffic in Germany.
This EGO-X exhaust system for BMW F30 335i / 340i is processed by TIG welding and handmade.
It consists of absorption silencers, without chambers. The piping diameter is about 3.5 inches (89mm).While driving, you´re able to control the exhaust flap. If your vehicle has got "driver experience (sportmode)", it will also be possible to control it by this. For vehicles without "sportmode", you can control it too, but by a supplied button. You can get the button in silver or black. The button glows in red, green, blue or white.
Light on: Valve closed, Light off: Valve open.

Generally, the Bull-X Tronic Control Unit offers two options for control:
- Sport (Dynamic, Race): the flap is always open, except when standing
- Comfort mode (the flap opens from 75% open throttle position, otherwise the flap is always closed)
Note: A subsequent manipulation of the power supply from the control unit by means of a switch will invalidate the operating permit, since the flap would thus be open when stationary.
According to ECE directives in Germany, the flap is not allowed to be open in the stand.

There are more information in our Info-Video.
This exhaust system has a type-approval, so it can be moved free registration on the road. The entire system consists of absorption silencers without chambers, and is manufactured in the TIG welding process.

As far as You´re purchasing an EGO-X exhaust system, you´ll receive an exclusive T-Shirt and a sticker pack of EGO-X for free! These exclusive products are only available at a purchase of an EGO-X Exhaust System and not on general sale!
Suitable for following Models:
brand                  type                     enginetype               HP
BMW 335i, 340i      3L, 3K,                  N55B30A       Otto        250
                                                        B58B30A                     240
                                                        N55B30A                     240,225
                             3C                        N55B30A                     250
                                                         B58B30A                     240
                                                         N55B30A                     225

Technical details

- Pipe diameter: 3.5" (89mm)
- Pipe material: stainless steel
- absorption silencer: handmade in house

- Bull-X Tronic flap control
- TIG welded
- ECE type-approval included


- Catback Exhaust system
- Bull-X Tronic Control Unit
- Connection materials to connect the control unit to the on-board electronics
- Vacuum hose for activation of the exhaust flap
- Tailpipes (optional available)
- Installation Manual
- Mounting materials

BULL-X Exhausts produces exhaust systems at the highest level.
Bull-X is a trademark of the HG Motorsport GmbH and deals with the development, design and manufacturing of high-performance exhaust systems. Each product is 100% Made in Germany and hand made from our company. For more informations about us, click here.

EGO-X is a product line of Bull-X Exhausts. The special features of this line are the processing in TIG welding, the materials and the possibility of a registration free flap exhaust system. More information can be found here(german).