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fits: BMW 3-SERIES F30 FL SEDAN M-SPORT (2015-2018)


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

If you wish to outfit your BMW 3 F30 Facelift Sedan M-Sport with high-end parts of visual tuning, you will find everything needed to achieve just that in the Maxton Design online store. The company has been active in the industry for many years and has come to specialize in the production of unique bumpers, spoilers, side skirts, splitters, and diffusers. All of those elements will improve the appearance of your vehicle, and enhance its aerodynamics to boot. To slickly equip the mentioned model you will surely make a good use of an innovative front splitter. It is a highly elegant and practical product made of high-flair materials.

What about the BMW 3 F30 Facelift Sedan M-Sport front splitter stands apart?
- it’s manufactured f
rom ABS
it bolsters aerodynamics
- it requires no additional painting

- it’s
accessible in variable surface finishes

This front splitter dedicated to BMW 3 F30 Facelift Sedan M-Sport is produced out of ABS plastic which is characterized by durability, and elasticity, thanks to which it works so well in the making of basic vehicle equipment, as well as, high-grade optical tuning components. Moreover, this material does not wear off easily in contact with moisture, and high or low temperatures. The Maxton Design front splitter is coated with a UV-repelling layer, needs no additional paint job, and is very easy to install.

The BMW 3 F30 Facelift Sedan M-Sport front splitter is a stylish item that will contribute to your machine’s racing visuals. It causes an optical lowering of its bodywork for that slick sports car look. It also increases the pressure that the airflow under the bumper exerts on the front axle which gives a boost to traction and stability. The splitter has gloss, textured, and carbon surface structure varieties available. This way you get to perform neat tuning that is entirely adjusted to your personal tastes and needs. The Maxton Design products are guaranteed to last you for a long time.