FRONT SPLITTER BMW 5 E39 M5 Maxton Design

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fits : BMW 5 E39 Saloon M5 version 1996 - 2003



Picking the right front splitter is a great way to spice up the visuals, as well as, aerodynamics of your vehicle. In the Maxton Design offer you will be able to find the best parts of optical tuning that will help you achieve just that. Our online store is filled with high-quality splitters, diffusers, side skirts, bumpers, and spoilers. The listed components are meant for installation in a large number of different vehicles. Among these machines BMW 5 E39 M5 is not amiss, either. With this slick model in mind we created this front splitter that fulfills both, a functional and aesthetic purpose. If you value high production quality and good looks, too, the Maxton Design line-up is the right place to look.

Why is it worth considering to get the BMW 5 E39 M5 front splitter?
- it has a modernized structure
- it bolsters aerodynamics
- it’s certified with the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN
- it comes ready for installation
- it’s made of fiberglass

This eye-catching front splitter for BMW 5 E39 M5 is a product thanks to which your car will get an entirely new stylization. Its mounting causes a visual lowering of the bodywork’s height which gives a much more racing-like character. Additionally, the splitter will make the air flowing under the bumper exert more pressure on the front axle which results in a boost to traction and stability. This can be experienced the most definably during high-speed driving. The front splitter by Maxton Design is a high-grade item the installation of which comes with a set of benefits. Choosing the products by this Polish producer is investing your money in the best components available on the market that stand apart with their appearance and quality.

The BMW 5 E39 M5 front splitter is one of the elements manufactured from fiberglass. The material is highly lasting, flexible, and insusceptible to damage, and has been granted the TUV certification for its flair. It has a wide usage across the automotive industry where it serves not only in the production of advanced optical tuning, but also other components of staple car equipment. The Maxton Design front splitter is secured with a coating that repels UV radiation.