Front Splitter V.1 Ford Focus ST / ST-Line Mk4 Maxton Design Gloss Black

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Ford Focus ST Mk4 2019 - 
Ford Focus ST-Line Mk4 2018 -


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

The Maxton Design line-up is dedicated to all of those who are looking for the highest-quality elements. The company creates stylish tuning parts for various vehicle models, and these include products like splitters, diffusers, bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers. With such elements you can create modern, but also personalized tuning compositions. Especially worth your attention is this V.1 front splitter for Ford Focus MK4 ST/ST-Line. The item is made of certified materials and improves aerodynamics notably.

Why should you consider getting the Ford Focus MK4 ST/ST-Line V.1 front splitter?
- it shows an elegant design
- it can be purchased in variable surface finishes
- it’s topped with a UV-repelling coating
- it bolsters aerodynamics

This V.1 front splitter aimed at Ford Focus MK4 ST/ST-Line is a part of a large group of ABS-made components. This material has a broad range of uses across the automotive industry where it is applied in the manufacturing of optical tuning parts, as well as, standard vehicle outfitting elements. The material is characterized by high resistance to damage, and elasticity. It is also not vulnerable to moisture, or extreme temperatures. This front splitter by Maxton Design can be installed in Ford Focus MK4 ST and ST-Line.

The Ford Focus MK4 ST/ST-Line V.1 front splitter lowers the perceived position of the bodywork for a sharp racing-like look. Additionally, it causes an increase in the pressure exerted on the front axle by the air flowing under the bumper at high speeds – this enhances traction and driving stability noticeably. The splitter can be acquired in a range of interesting surface looks: gloss, carbon, and textured.