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fits : Alfa Romeo 159 standard version 2005-2011


- Mounting kit (glue, screws)
- Mounting manual

Maxton Design is known in the automotive industry for being a manufacturer of high-quality tuning components. In our assortment there are elements meant for Alfa Romeo 159. These positions especially apply to vehicles produced in 2005-2011. It’s worth to take a look at this modern front splitter. With it, your car in the blink of an eye will receive a completely refreshed look, and you will enjoy increased driving comfort.

Why is it worth it to buy the Alfa Romeo 159 splitter by Maxton Design?
- its construction has been modernized
- allows for fast and visible tuning
- it’s manufactured from ABS
- improves aerodynamics
- it has 3 different surface looks available

The Maxton Design front splitter for Alfa Romeo 159 sports a modern appearance. All the items made by the Polish manufacturer stand out with their beautiful aesthetics and high-grade materials utilized in their production. The ABS used to make the splitter is among the most commonly used materials in the automotive industry because of its features, such as durability, flexibility and resistance to all sorts of damage.

This Alfa Romeo 159 front splitter let’s you quickly and slickly upgrade the look of your car. You can also have a decorative stripe to go with it to give your tuning even more personality. To stand out even more you pick and choose from 3 varieties of surface finish. There are textured, carbon, or gloss options available. Utilizing this splitter you will significantly improve aerodynamics of the vehicle. The air flowing through the components will cause an increase in the pressure on the front axle, enhancing stability and traction at high speeds.