Front Splitter V.1 Audi A1 S-Line GB Maxton Design

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Audi A1 S-Line GB 2018 - 



-Mounting kit

-Mounting manual

 If you have been searching for high-flair visual tuning parts, the Maxton Design products will certainly meet your expectations. We have been present on the market for many years and we specialize in the production of innovative tuning elements for several car brands. Maxton Design offers a wide range of eye-catching splitters, bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and diffusers. Such components are helpful for increasing the aerodynamics of the car. On the long list our goods you can also find parts for Audi A1 S-LINE GB. Among these items there is this V.1 front splitter. It sports a slick design and does not need to be painted prior to mounting.

Why should you decide to buy the Audi A1 S-LINE GB V.1 front splitter?
it’s protected from UV
- boosts the aerodynamics of the vehicle
- comes in a number of surface finishes
- it’s resistant to moisture

In the production process of this Audi A1 S-LINE GB V.1 front splitter ABS plastic was employed. The material is sturdy, resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, and flexible. It is not vulnerable to moisture and extremes of temperature. This is why ABS works very well in the production of not only tuning parts, but many other vehicle equipment parts, too. It comes ready to be mounted and has a UV-protective layer.

The Audi A1 S-LINE GB V.1 splitter is an all-purpose product. It lowers the bodywork of the car to give it a modern racing style. It will also cause the air passing under the bumper to press on the front axle with more force, enhancing stability and traction. It comes in textured, gloss, or carbon surface structure. Alongside this product you can also purchase a decorative stripe – red or white. The splitter is shipped with a mounting kit.