Front Splitter V.1 Audi RS5 F5 Coupe / Sportback Maxton Design

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Audi RS5 F5 Coupe/Sportback 2017 -


  • Mounting kit
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If you own and Audi RS5 F5 Coupe/Sportback and you are considering a purchase of a sprauncy visual tuning, you will, without a doubt, find exactly that in the Maxton Design line of goods. The company specializes in the making of high-end side skirts, spoilers, bumpers, and splitters. All of such items are manufactured from the best materials available on the market, supplied by renown European producers. One of the elements that can be used to complement they look of your Audi RS5 F5 Coupe/Sportback in an eye-catching way is this ABS-made front splitter.

Why is a purchase of the Audi RS5 F5 Coupe/Sportback V.1 front splitter a good decision?
- it shows an imaginative form
- it’s made of durable material
- it’s UV-protected
- it’s 
accessible in 3 different surface structures
- betters aerodynamics

Installation of a front splitter brings many benefits. Aside from the obvious visual alteration, you will also notice a significant boost to the aerodynamics. The splitter is meant to increase traction and stability by making the air passing under the bumper exert more pressure on the front axle. This is primarily felt at high speeds. This front splitter stands out with an out-of-the-box design which makes it an indisputable improvement to the visuals of your Audi RS5 F5 Coupe/Sportback. If you are aiming for a highly individualized tuning you can also choose different surface finish for your product. The available types are: gloss, carbon, or textured.

ABS, the material that this front splitter is made of, is broadly used in the automotive industry. Not only tuning components, but also staple vehicle equipment parts are made of it. ABS exhibits many properties perfect for tuning elements. These are elasticity, durability, and resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures. If you want to outfit your Audi RS5 F5 Coupe/Sportback with the best-quality parts of stylish presentation, you should definitely go with the Maxton Design products.