FRONT SPLITTER V.1 BMW X5 F15 M-PACK Maxton Design Gloss Black

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fits: BMW X5 F15 M-Pack 2013-2018


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

Maxton Design is a brand known to the automotive enthusiasts in numerous countries all across the world. The company specializes in designing and producing high-grade spoilers, side skirts, diffusers, bumpers, and splitters. Such elements are used to refresh the vehicle’s looks and enhance its aerodynamics. Maxton Design creates components dedicated to a large variety of vehicle brands and models. One of such machines is BMW X5 F15 M-Pack, and with this exact car in mind this innovative and functional V.1 front splitter was made. The item is manufactured from certified materials and has a UV-repelling layer.

Why is the V.1 front splitter for BMW X5 F15 worth choosing?
it displays an aesthetic design
- it’s delivered ready for mounting
- it betters aerodynamics
- it has a range of surface finishes to pick from

This BMW X5 F15 M-Pack V.1 front splitter is one of our ABS-made products. This kind of plastic is very often employed in the automotive industry in the production of sprauncy optical tuning parts, and durable staple vehicle outfitting elements. ABS is highly flexible, lasting, and resistant to moisture and extreme temperatures.

The V.1 front splitter for BMW X5 F15 is a premium-quality component that definably boosts your car’s aerodynamics. Due to its installation the air passing under the bumper will exert higher pressure on the front axle which directly improves traction and stability. What’s more, the splitter lowers the position of the bodywork optically and grants a racing-like appearance to the car. This Maxton Design splitter comes in 3 unique surface looks: gloss, carbon, or textured. To accentuate your tuning even more you can get a red or white decorative stripe to go along with your product. By purchasing Maxton Design goods you are making sure that the tuning you are investing in will be the best available on the market and will last you for years while remaining in good condition all throughout.