Front Splitter Ford Mustang GT Mk6 Maxton Design Gloss Black

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fits: Ford Mustang MK6 GT 2014-


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

To inventively and stylishly equip your vehicle you will certainly need some high-end optical tuning parts. Such products can be found in the rich Maxton Design offer. The company is focused on manufacturing splitters, diffusers, spoilers, bumpers, and side skirts all of which can help you improve the looks and aerodynamics of your machine simultaneously. Maxton Design is one of the most competitive brands out there and comes forward with a wide range of products targeted towards many different cars like Ford Mustang GT MK6. The owners of this model will surely want to take a look at this front splitter which is ready for mounting upon delivery and secured against UV light.

Why is the Ford Mustang GT MK6 front splitter unique?
- it’s insusceptible to moisture
- it has an interesting design
- it’s available in various surface finishes
- it’s UV-protected

This front splitter for Ford Mustang GT MK6 is made thanks to the usage of ABS which is a variety of plastic defined by high durability, flexibility, and resilience to extreme temperatures and moisture. Thanks to these properties it sees a broad application in the automotive industry. ABS is employed in the creation of tuning components, and essential vehicle outfitting parts, alike.

The Ford Mustang GT MK6 will force the pressure on the front axle exerted by the airflow under the bumper to be increased which is going to result in enhanced traction and stability. This element optically lowers the position of the coachwork and gives this model a particularly slick racing appearance. The product comes in textured, carbon, and gloss surface structure options and can also have a red or white decorative stripes added to make a truly personal tuning composition that brings forth your own style.