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fits: JAGUAR F-TYPE 2013-2016


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

Maxton Design offers a robust selection of advanced optical tuning elements. The company is an experienced and respected maker of cutting-edge side skirts, spoilers, splitters, bumpers, and diffusers. Thanks to such items you will easily refresh the presentation of your vehicle, and better its aerodynamics at the same time. Our products are aimed at a large assortment of popular cars. This makes a strong competitor on the world’s market. The owners of Jaguar F-Type will surely want to take a look at this V.1 front splitter. This high-quality element of sprauncy design is ready for installation upon delivery.

Why is it worth it to buy the Jaguar F-Type V.1 front splitter?
- it improves aerodynamics
- it’s UV-protected
- it can be purchased in different surface looks
- it’s resilient to moisture

This V.1 front splitter for Jaguar F-Type pleases the eye with its beautiful design and premium production quality. Due to its presence the air pressure on the front axle exerted by the airflow under the bumper will become higher which bolsters stability and traction during high-speed driving. What’s more, it will lower the perceived position of the coachwork which gives this model an even sharper racing-like appearance. The product is available in gloss, textured, or carbon surface structure options. To accentuate your equipment even more you can also add red or white decorative stripes to your splitter.

The Jaguar F-Type V.1 front splitter is an ABS-made element. The material itself if very well-suited to be utilized in the creation of not only visual tuning equipment, but also basic car outfitting parts. It is characterized by flexibility, elasticity, and insusceptibility to moisture or extreme temperatures. The front splitter by Maxton Design is coated with a UV-repelling layer. It is also shipped with a mounting kit included and needs no additional paint job to be applied before mounting.