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fits: BMW 1 F20/F21 M-Power FACELIFT 2015 -


  • Mounting kit
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If you are looking for showy components of optical tuning made with great precision and from high-grade materials, you should definitely take an in-depth look into the Maxton Design offer. The company is focused on the creation of premium-flair bumpers, spoilers, splitters, diffusers, and side skirts. These elements fit a large variety of different vehicles such as BMW 1 F20/F21 M-POWER, and more. With the mentioned model in mind we came up with this V.2 front splitter that visibly alters the looks, and tangibly betters the aerodynamics of your car.

Why is it worth it to decide to get the BMW 1 F20/F21 M-POWER V.2 front splitter?
- it shows an interesting design
- it n
eeds no painting
it’s available in various surface structure kinds
- it enhances a

The modernized V.2 front splitter for BMW 1 F20/F21 M-POWER is made of ABS. This material is defined by exceptional flexibility, sturdiness, and resilience to damage. This is why it is so fitting to be applied in the production of automotive elements like tuning products, and elementary vehicle equipment. In the making of the Maxton Design component we only ever utilize the best materials.

This BMW 1 F20/F21 M-POWER V.2 front splitter is a tuning part that has a real effect on this model’s aerodynamics. Due to its presence the air that flows under the bumper will start exerting higher pressures on the front axle which results in a noticeable improvement of traction and stability especially at higher speeds. The V.2 front splitter can be purchased in carbon, textured, and gloss surface finishes. We can also offer decorative stripes, white or red, that you can add to your product.