Front Splitter V.2 for BMW 7 M-Pack G11 / G12 Maxton Design Gloss Black

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BMW 7 M-Pack G11 / G12 2015 - 2018


  • Mounting kit
  • Mounting manual

Product details:

- it’s made of ABS
it can be purchased in 3 unique surface look types: gloss, carbon, textured
the gloss and carbon options are wrapped in a secure foil
it has a UV-repelling coating
- it is labeled with flair-confirming stickers
- doesn’t have to be painted
(If you decide to paint your product you have to lay a primer layer before applying the paint job)

The making of splitters is not a straightforward procedure. The very last step in this process consists of manual processing and adding finishing details. This is a stark proof that we care deeply about making our parts the highest-quality they can be. What’s more, each and every of our components is subjected to a thorough flair control so that we can make sure that as many suboptimal products as possible are eliminated from distribution.

The material that is applied in the manufacturing processes of our items – ABS – was conceived with the needs of the automotive industry in mind. It sees a broad usage as far the production of factory bumpers and different car coachwork components is concerned. The parts of this sort have to be lasting and flexible and thanks to the use of ABS they are exactly that.