Front Splitter V.7 Ford Focus ST / ST-Line Mk4 Maxton Design Gloss Black

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Maxton Design is a producer of cutting-edge and high-quality components for visual car tuning. The company has been active in the industry for years now and has become a leader on the world’s market. The specialty of this Polish manufacturer is the manufacturing of aesthetic side skirts, spoilers, diffusers, splitters, and bumpers. With components like these you will effortlessly and entirely by yourself take care of both the looks and aerodynamics of your vehicle. To make the mentioned items we only ever use certified materials provided by respectable suppliers. For usage in Ford Focus ST/ST-Line MK4 we made this stand-out V.7 front splitter that comes ready for mounting and displays a modern design.

Why should you pick the Ford Focus ST/ST-Line MK4 V.7 Front splitter?
- it’s purchasable in variable surface looks
- it’s UV-protected
- it enhances aerodynamics
- it’s moisture-resistant

To create this V.7 front splitter dedicated to Ford Focus ST/ST-Line MK4 we utilized ABS plastic. The material is resilient to damage, flexible, and long-lasting. It does not wear off from the exposure to moisture and high or low temperatures. ABS is employed not only in the production of optical tuning gear, but also primary vehicle equipment components. The element is secured with a UV-repelling coating and always shipped with a mounting kit included.

The Ford Focus ST/ST-Line MK4 V.7 front splitter stands apart with a very unique design. The item lowers the position of the bodywork visually and in doing so it gives this model a slick racing-like look. It also contributes to an aerodynamic boost through increasing the pressures exerted on the front axle by the airflow under the bumper – this results in better traction and driving stability at higher velocities. The product can be obtained in carbon, textured, and gloss surface structure options.