Frontspoiler Sport-Performance for BMW 5er G30 M-Package Maxton Design

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MIT CH Fussgängerschutz GUTACHTEN

Fits: BMW 5 Series G30/G31 with M- Package 2017 - 2020



If you have been searching for high-end visual tuning elements, you should take an in-depth look at the Maxton Design line-up. The company is specialized in the creation of highly stylish and modernized bumpers, spoilers, diffusers, side skirts, and splitters. Aided by these products you will freshen the appearance of your vehicle in no time while also enhancing its aerodynamic properties. Tuning by Maxton Design can be added to a broad selection of car models, and one of them is BMW 5 G30 M-Pack. With this exact machine in mind we created this original SPORT-PERFORMANCE front spoiler of high flair and stand-out design.

Why is it worth it to decide to install the SPORT-PERFORMANCE front spoiler for BMW 5 G30 M-Pack?
- it shows a unique design
- it betters aerodynamics
- it’s shipped with mounting instr
uctions included

This front spoiler for BMW 5 G30 M-Pack is a cutting-edge tuning element that transforms the visuals of your car noticeably. It will lower the optical position of the coachwork which contributes to a slick sports car look. Furthermore, this products improves stability and traction by forcing the airflow under the bumper to exert more pressure on the front axle. The Maxton Design spoiler is characterized by showy design which will become a stand-out addition to your tuning.