PD800GT Front Vents Frames for Mercedes-AMG GT/GTS 2014-2017 Prior Design

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Our PD800GT Front Vents Frames give the Mercedes-AMG GT/GTS C190/R190 more dynamic and highlights the sporty line of the vehicle. The material is made from the highest-quality fibreglass mix, carefully laminated by hand, and then processed. The PD800GT Front Vents Frames fit to the original Body Parts and give the Mercedes-AMG GT/GTS C190/R190 an individual character and racing flair with a touch of class. Fits the following Mercedes-AMG GT/GTS C190/R190 [2014-2017] models:
  • Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé C190
  • Mercedes-AMG GTS Coupé C190
  • Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster R190
  • Mercedes-AMG GTS Roadster R190
Scope of delivery:
  • PD800GT Front Vents Frames RIGHT for Mercedes-AMG GT/GTS 2014-2017
  • PD800GT Front Vents Frames LEFT for Mercedes-AMG GT/GTS 2014-2017
  • Mounting material / plastic grid (on special request)
Assembly: We recommend the installation/assembly of aero components by qualified personnel. Depending on the Aero Kit/ Body Kit/ Widebody Kit the assembly work can vary from small to very demanding conversions. Depending on your location, we can offer you a professional installation in our workshop or refer you to one of our authorized dealers or partners.