Rear Side Splitters Audi RS5 F5 Facelift Maxton Design

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Audi RS5 F5 Facelift 2019 -


The visual tuning elements by Maxton Design are meat for a myriad of different car brands. The company for several years now have been creating innovative and exceptionally slick splitters, side skirts, bumpers, diffusers, and spoilers. In the robust line of goods neat accessories are not amiss, either. These include wings, eyebrows, frames for lights, front grilles, and more. The listed components allow for an overhaul to your vehicles looks, and will better its aerodynamics. Each and every Maxton Design item is made of certified materials, sourced from the best suppliers. For Audi RS5 F5 Facelift we came up with these modern rear side splitters. They exhibit an aesthetic form and are ready for installation upon delivery.

Why is it worth it to take interest in the Audi RS5 F5 Facelift rear side splitters?
- they have a UV-protective coating
- they’re moisture-resilient
- they are accessible in a selection of surface structures

- they don’t have to be painted

The rear side splitters for Audi RS5 F5 Facelift constitute a supplementation for side skirts and a central rear splitter. These products underline the racing silhouette of the vehicle and make its look very stylish and coherent. They are delivered wit instructions and a mounting kit included. The splitters come in 3 interesting surface look versions: textured, carbon, and gloss.

The Audi RS5 F5 Facelift rear side splitters are produced from extraordinarily lasting materials that is ABS. It sees an immense use in the automotive industry because it is so well-suited in the production processes of tuning parts and other components of vehicle coachwork. ABS does not wear off from the mechanical or chemical influence and it is ambient-insensitive. They are topped with a UV-repelling layer.