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fits : AUDI S4 B5 Avant 1997 - 2001



If you happen to be a lucky owner of an Audi S4 B5 Avant and you are looking for high-quality visual tuning parts, Maxton Design is here to help. The company is focused on the manufacturing of high-end bumpers, splitters, spoilers, and side skirts. To make all of these products we use only the best materials available on the market, ones that stand apart with sturdiness and damage resistance. For installation in Audi S4 B5 Avant these eye-catching rear side splitters were conceived. They will contribute to your car’s racing aesthetic and supplement tuning made with other components.

Why are the Audi S4 B5 Avant rear side splitters worth purchasing?
- they enhance the vehicle aesthetically
- they’re coated with a UV-repelling layer
- they’re produced from durable materials
- they come in a selection of surface finishes
- they sport an out-of-the-box design

These rear side splitters for Audi S4 B5 Avant are tuning parts that overhaul the visuals of your machine. They are easy to mount and require no additional painting. To make fully personalized tuning happen you get to have the surface look of your choice: carbon, textured, or gloss. What’s more, we have also prepared white and red decorative stripes for you to put on your splitters. The Audi S4 B5 Avant rear side splitters will go well paired with side skirts and a rear diffuser with the same surface finish. By choosing the Maxton Design tuning products you are making sure to get items of the highest flair that will serve you for a long time.

To manufacture these rear side splitters we utilize advanced ABS plastic. It shows many features that make it perfect for the production of not just optical tuning parts, but standard car equipment, as well. If you wish to outfit your Audi S4 B5 Avant with the best tuning available on the market you should go ahead and pick the Maxton Design products.