REAR SIDE SPLITTERS BMW 1 E87 Standard/M-Performance Maxton Design

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fits : BMW 1 E87 Standard/M-Performance 2004 - 2008



The installation of eye-catching rear side splitter is a perfect way to refresh the appearance of your vehicle and give it more of a racing-like stylization. When you decide to purchase your splitters, you should only pick the ones which are both stylish and long-lasting. Fortunately, the Maxton Design tuning components are exactly like that. The company is a specialist when it comes to the creation of advanced side skirts, bumpers, diffusers, spoilers, and spoilers. The listed items are dedicated to a wide range of car brands, and their models including BMW 1 E87 Standard/M-Performance. With this exact machine in mind we prepared these original rear side splitters.

Why should you invent in the BMW 1 E87 Standard/M-Performance rear side splitters?
- they transform this model’s stylization
- they’ve got the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN certificate
- they’re obtainable in different surface looks
- they’re secured with a UV-repelling layer

These rear side splitters aimed at BMW 1 E87 Standard/M-Performance are elements that accentuate the visual qualities of this model. They will complement your car’s tuning neatly, and make it even more splashy and coherent. They will look especially great alongside side skirts, a front splitter, and a roof spoiler. These elements come in carbon, gloss, or textured surface finish types so that you can pick the one that fits your individual preferences best, and underlines the style of your BMW 1 E87 Standard/M-Performance in the way that satisfies you the most.

The BMW 1 E87 Standard/M-Performance rear side splitters are manufactured out of ABS plastic. This material is defined by sturdiness, flexibility, and resistance to the harmful influence of environmental condition. These properties make it so suitable to be employed in the creation of visual tuning components, as well as, essential car outfitting parts. The Maxton Design products are protected with a coating that repels UV radiation, and their premium quality is ensured by the TUV MATERIALGUTACHTEN that they have been rewarded with.