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fits: Audi RS4 B5 1999-2001



The cutting-edge Audi RS4 B5 side skirts diffusers are elements the installation of which results in a notable enhancement of the overall aesthetic of the car. This is why you should only choose the ones that look striking in addition to being lasting, sturdy, and resistant to moisture and temperature. Tuning components characterized by these properties can be found in the broad assortment of Maxton Design goods. The company has functioned on the market for a significant period of time and it has come to be known all across the world as a producer of high-end side skirts, spoilers, splitters, and bumpers. If you have been searching for original and eye-catching parts for Audi RS4 B5 you should definitely take an in-depth look into the Maxton Design line-up.

Why the decision to purchase the Audi RS4 B5 side skirts diffusers is a good one?
- they lower the coachwork optically
- they’re ABS-made
- require no painting
- come in a variety of surface structures
- they’re easy to mount

Thanks to the installation of side skirts diffusers your Audi RS4 B5 will quickly gain a racing character. The diffusers neatly complement tuning performed with front and rear splitters. The ones proposed by Maxton Design sport a simplistic, but neat form. They are extraordinarily presentable and constitute a unique decoration for your machine. You can choose from 3 variants of surface look: carbon, textured, or gloss. This way you have a chance to make fully individual optical tuning that underlines the style of your Audi RS4 B5. The products do not have to be painted and are simple to install.

To manufacture the Audi RS4 B5 side skirts diffusers we utilized ABS plastic. It is a material that is very popular in the automotive industry and apart from visual tuning also basic vehicle equipment is made of it. The ABS applied by Maxton Design is TUV certified and comes from only well-known European producers. Hence why you can rest assured that you are paying for elements of the utmost quality that will remain slick and presentable for a long time.