Side Skirts Diffusers Audi S1 8X

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Audi S1 8X 2014-2018



 The side skirts diffusers are among the tuning elements that uniquely transform the character of your car. If you are undecided as to what visual tuning component you should purchase, you should take these slick and easy to install side skirts diffusers. The Maxton Design line-up is abundant with different kinds of diffusers, made of different sorts of materials. Among these are the ones dedicated to Audi vehicles. We would like to present you with these side skirts diffusers suitable for Audi S1 8X.

Why is this set of Audi S1 8X side skirts diffusers worth picking?
- they’re made of sturdy ABS
- have a few surface structure options
- they are UV protected

These side skirts diffusers for Audi S1 8X are made with accuracy and out of high-grade ABS. It is resistant to moisture, flexible, and very tough. This is why it is so commonly used in the manufacturing of various car equipment items. If you are looking or truly high-end visual tuning components, you should definitely pick the Maxton Design products. We only ever utilize the best materials sourced from the most renown European providers. Considering that fact, it is a wise decision to purchase our goods and spice up your Audi S1 8X all by yourself.

If you feel like refreshing the appearance of your vehicle, the purchase and installation of these side skirts diffusers is a great idea. They stand out with their unusual design and unique surface finishes: carbon, gloss, textured. This way you can choose the effect that satisfies you the most. We also have red and white decorative stripes for you to pick from.