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fits : Audi A3 8P 5 door version 2003 - 2013



The tuning components by Maxton Design are known and well-regarded elements dedicated to the most fastidious tuning enthusiasts. The robust assortment of this Polish brand includes splitters, side skirts, bumpers, and spoilers. These products are created with a myriad of different vehicles in mind, including many models and production dates. Especially attention-worthy is the rich selection of items for Audi. This spoiler meant for installation in Audi A3 8P, 5 Door is one of such tuning products.

Why is it worth it to purchase the Audi A3 8P, 5 Door spoiler?
- it fits models manufactured 2003-2013
- it’s fiberglass-made
- can be painted
- it’s very presentable
- it enhances aerodynamics

This eye-catching spoiler for Audi A3 8P, 5 Door is an easy and quick solution to transform the appearance of your machine. Its mounting causes the vehicle to look even more like a sports car the modernized style of which will certainly be appreciated by even the most demanding customers. Thanks to the presence of the spoiler the aerodynamics are noticeably bolstered, especially during high-velocity driving. The fiberglass of which the spoiler is made stands apart with high sturdiness, and elasticity. Pick the innovative Audi A3 8P, 5 Door spoiler and enjoy comfortable driving in any conditions.