Spoiler Cap Audi A3 8P / 8P FL Maxton Design

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Audi A3 8P 2003-2012



Maxton Design is one of the most popular producers of high-grade reversible optical tuning parts in the world. In the company’s rich offer you can find a myriad of products that can be installed in many different car brands. Thanks to such a broad selection Maxton Design has become one of the strongest competitors on the market of innovative high-quality tuning. If you are looking for products dedicated to Audi A3 8P/8P FL you will certainly find something of interest in this Polish manufacturer’s store. Especially attention-worthy is this ABS-made spoiler cap.

Why should you decide to get the Audi A3 8P/8P FL spoiler cap?
- it comes in a range of surface finish options
- it’s equipped with tape for easy installation
- it’s moisture-resistant
- it’s topped with a UV-repelling coating

This spoiler cap for Audi A3 8P/8P FL falls into the group of items produced out of innovative ABS plastic. It shows many properties that make it work exceptionally well in the making of not only optical tuning, but primary vehicle equipment, just as well. The material is resilient to damage, durable, and very flexible which is of key importance as far as the manufacturing of automotive outfitting is concerned. Maxton Design is a brand that always put high quality first. All of the materials utilized in our factories are supplied by renown European providers. This is why our line of goods in abundant with high-flair products that are also quality controlled before shipping to ensure that even the smallest defects are eliminated from distribution.

The Audi A3 8P/8P FL spoiler cap not only betters aerodynamic, but also contributes to slick fresh visuals. It will grant your vehicle more of a racing-like character right away. The product is equipped with double-sided acrylic tape to allow for precise installation. To perform tuning that fits your needs and tastes even more you can also choose a surface look from among available options.

Only one side of the spoiler is structure (surface) coated.