Spoiler Cap Audi S4 / A4 S-Line B7 Avant

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Audi A4 S-Line B7 Avant 2004-2007

Audi S4 B7 Avant 2004-2007







The Maxton Design optical tuning parts are known to many customers all across the world. They are well-liked not only for their premium quality, but also their modernized designs. With their aid you can renew the looks of your vehicle and improve driving comfort quickly and at a relatively low cost. Maxton Design offers elements that fit a myriad of different car brands and a selection of their models and production dates. In this robust assortment tuning components for Audi S4/A4 S-Line B7 Avant are not amiss. One of them is this spoiler cap dedicated to the models manufactured 2004-2007.

Why is the Audi S4/A4 S-Line B7 Avant spoiler cap worth taking interest in?
- it shows an out-of-the-box design
it comes in a selection of surface finishes
- it’s durable and resistant to damage
enhances the car’s visuals
it’s equipped with double-sided tape to make its installation simple

This spoiler cap for Audi S4/A4 S-Line B7 Avant is a perfect solution a quick and showy transformation of your car’s appearance. It is also a great choice if you want to upgrade aerodynamics, as well. The airflow around the bodywork will cause the pressure on the rear axle to increase which results in better stability and traction during high-velocity driving. The spoiler cap will grant a racing-like character to your machine and you will be enjoying comfortable driving in a slick-looking vehicle.

The Audi S4/A4 S-Line B7 Avant spoiler cap is an element in the production of which high-grade ABS plastic was applied. This material stands apart with it durability and resistance to damage. Hence why it works so exceptionally well in the manufacturing processes of visual tuning parts, and general car outfitting, as well.