Spoiler Cap Audi RS4 B9 Avant Maxton Design

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Audi RS4 B9 Avant 2017 -




Maxton Design specializes in the manufacturing of high-flair elements of optical car tuning. The company is in the leading edge and has gained many customers from all over the world. The producer is focused on making aesthetic spoilers diffusers, bumpers, splitters, and side skirts. By employing these items you can simply refresh the visuals of your vehicle while bolstering its aerodynamics at the same time. The Maxton Design components are made with an array of car brands in mind and this includes Audi RS4 B9 Avant. One of the products dedicated to this exact model is this inventive spoiler cap. It exhibits a unique form and does not have to be painted prior to its installation.

Why should this Audi RS4 B9 Avant spoiler cap be chosen?
it betters aerodynamics
it comes in a range of surface structures
- it’s moisture-resilient
- has UV protection

The spoiler cap for Audi RS4 B9 Avant is a modern element of minimal size. It underlines your machine’s racing style and freshens its initial appearance. Thanks to the cap the air flowing around the coachwork will press on the rear axle stronger effectively boosting traction. The item is meant to be installed with the use of the double-sided tape place on the inner side of it. This spoiler cap is accessible in textured, gloss, and carbon surface looks.

The ABS utilized in the production of the Audi RS4 B9 Avant spoiler cap is a material which is lasting, flexible, and insusceptible to mechanical and chemical damage. It does not wear off under the influence of moisture and is not vulnerable to extreme temperatures. ABS is applied in the production of tuning parts, and many other items considered to be essential vehicle equipment, too. This Maxton Design spoiler cap is topped with a layer securing it from the damaging effects of UV radiation.